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The websites built by LOGOS web services are the Lamborghini of websites.

Fr. Wayne Wilson,
St. Barnabas Orthodox Church, Costa Mesa, CA

Last year we launched our new parish, and we needed a website. I know how to create a website pretty well, and was very familiar with HTML (old school), WordPress, domain names and hosting, however I had a problem. I knew how to create an ok or good website, didn’t know how to create a GREAT website. I also being a new and busy pastor did not have time to do it either. I called Fr. Peck for assistance. Being a new church money is always at issue. He gave us a great rate, a great recommendation for a hosting service provider. We get compliments on our website all the time. That website and Facebook have become the hub by which people interact with our church, view/listen to our sermons, and read our blog posts. In business, trust is a HUGE thing, and if you can find a website vendor that you can trust and whose work is proven, it is a great investment. I recommend Fr. Peck for all your website needs. 

The Rev. Jerome Chandler
St. Thomas ChurchDetroit, MI

My website – that you built – has brought me more work than word of mouth so far! I wouldn’t be without it.

S. Katherine Sanders
Katherine Sanders Icons
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

I contacted LOGOS because I needed something that would improve the appearance and search index rankings of the website I had been using. LOGOS built an attractive, intuitive website which fully met my needs and my audience’s. Traffic has more than doubled since the launch of my new website, with a spike from search engine traffic. I would recommend LOGOS to those who want a strong, reliable, beautiful website.

George J. Mount
GeorgeJMount.comCleveland, OH

LOGOS created for us a beautiful and useful website. The benefits have been enormous, the service by LOGOS excellent, and we have been pleased ever since. I highly recommended them.

Fr. Mark Fenn
Holy Transfiguration Orthodox ChurchBoise, ID

LOGOS Web Services did a beautiful job for our award winning book, The Customer Trap. Even a year after completing the project, they’ve helped me improve and add little things to the website. The service is quick, inexpensive, effective, and friendly.

Tim Wilkinson, Ph.D.
The Customer Trap
Professor and Charles L. Boppell Dean | School of Business|Whitworth University

I would definitely recommend LOGOS Web Services to the people who want a great website without paying huge service fees.

Masakatsu Nakagawa
Taiki DesignWinterville, GA

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful website you put together for me. It is highly functional, easy to navigate and very professional. I was especially pleased with the speed with which you got it completed and the time you spent answering my questions and helping me to maximize and understand how to best use the many functions available to me. Your website design is perfect for my needs and will certainly help to give greater exposure to my newly published book. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you for your patience and sensitivity in helping to make me comfortable in unfamiliar territory. You are the best. Again, please know I am most appreciative for your outstanding service.

Joy E. Corey,
“Divine Eros: A Timeless Perspective on Homosexuality”

I wanted to send a quick note of thanks and to say how happy we are with the new web site that you have designed and built for us. I must admit that the experience from design concept through development and delivery was relatively painless. We are also very pleased to have a user interface that allows us, with little or no technical experience, to maintain our site without having to engage programmers. We are comfortable in recommending LOGOS Web Services to anyone who is interested in engaging an organization that is professional, prompt, full service and competitively priced. Thanks and best wishes for continued success.

Michael A Orlando, St. Louis, MO

Having a high-quality, clear, and aesthetically pleasing website is essential to doing business in the 21st century, but for companies like ours that began before the internet revolution took place, making the transition to the digital world can be difficult. When we contacted LOGOS Web Services, we explained that we wanted something clean, inviting, informative, and most of all user friendly. Our expectations were not just met, they were exceeded! The quality of the work and the level of service provided for us made our digital transition easier and, most importantly, provided us with a website with functionality that will help us serve our customers even better than before. Thanks, LOGOS Web Services—we couldn’t have done it without you!

 Cast Urethane Products, Inc., Adamsville, AL


High praises for Father John A. Peck and LOGOS. They designed our mission parish’s website and did so at a very reasonable rate. It is easy to use and simple to update. The website has made a very good impression in our community. One article we posted on the website was viewed over 12,000 times!

Derek Neufeld
St. Nino Orthodox ChurchStillwater, OK

If you’re looking for creative styling, easy navigabilty, impeccable personalization and clean, crisp professional lines for your website, look no further than LOGOS web services. Whatever’s top shelf? They’re a cut above that.

Denise McClain
DeniseMcClain.comPhoenix, AZ

I had been wanting to do something with my website for a while. It was functional, but not as professional-looking as I wanted it to be. I can set up the basics, but I couldn’t code my way out of a wet paper bag, and none of the themes I had found really looked like I wanted my site to look. I’m an editor freelancing for publishers and indie authors and my calendar has been so full of books to edit that I just wasn’t willing to devote any more time to trying to do something with my website myself. I’ve known Fr. John Peck for a while now, and I’ve known him to be trustworthy and an award-winning designer, so when he mentioned that he had some openings in his calendar, I jumped at the chance to have him redo my site. Within minutes, he knew what I wanted . . . and he delivered it. Never in my life has it taken such a short time to convey my wishes to a service provider and have them fulfilled. Fr. John is the Fairy Godfather of website design. People have told me that my website’s appearance is now more in line with my editing skills and professionalism, and that is high praise for him, as its designer. So, from one mythical creature to another: thank you.

Jennifer Harshman,
The Book Dragon of HarshmanServices.com

Fr John and LOGOS Web services are at the forefront of Web design. With a high-end asthetic and an entuitive end user design I recommend them without reservation.

Fr. John Mefrige
Orthodox PeacemakersMontreal, Ontario

I’m very, very happy with the site. I have looked at several parish sites lately and many of them are abysmal. Our parish – which packs the nave almost every Sunday – gets lots of visitors and I would say 95% of them are drawn to us — we have four parishes within ten miles — through our website. The web site is our photo…our online persona…it expresses “who we are”…

Kevin Allen, Host of Ancient Faith Today, Costa Mesa, CA

I’m writing to express my appreciation for your parish’s website. It is as good a one as I’ve ever come across! It ought to be better known. I’ll do my bit to direct traffic your way, if only to provide less imaginative parishes with a vision of what’s possible.

Metropolitan Savas (Zembillas), Metropolis of Pittsburgh, GOA


We were having trouble finding the right technical platform to upgrade an outdated, little used parish site. We turned to LOGOS Web Services which identified a robust, cost effective solution, crafted a terrific design, and delivered the entire package in a timely fashion. Follow up help was great. Most important, parishioners love the site and they are already using it to advance our various parish ministries.

John Couretas, Grand Rapids, MI

I am continuously amazed by the fine work that you are doing on the site!

The Rev. Dr. Sergius Halvorsen, St Vladimir Theological Seminary

In surveys conducted earlier this year we discovered that 100% of all first time visitors look at our website prior to attending service. The website has become the first impression for inquirers and it was important that our  site reflect our unique community. The critical information such as service times, location etc. is laid out in an easy to navigate format and for our members there is more detailed information regarding needs, services and upcoming events. The positive feedback and increase usage of the site by our community as a resource is exactly what we were looking for. Well done!

Vicki Brannock, St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Prescott, AZ

The website is extremely professional, up-to-date, and informative – one of the best that I’ve seen and well worth a look by anyone contemplating what they might aspire to do with their own parish website.

Neil Foley, Lowell, MA

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