St. George Orthodox Church of Prescott


Visitors first notice the pleasing array of color that distinguishes this site from many others. The client wanted a content rich site that reflected the vitality of the parish using colors and textures that draw from the rich topography of the Arizona landscape. We created a header that combined images of Orthodox iconography, statuary, parish worship, and the local landmark Thumb Butte (a natural monument unique to Prescott) to reflect the themes.

Communication with parishioners and visitors was a primary consideration of the client. Links are provided to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites. The site offers a maintenance-free opt-in mail list that announces updates via email. First time visitors are greeted with the “I’m New” button that invites them to receive a personalized welcome and more information.

The revolving photograph on the home page (a popular favorite) is linked to a specific article within the site (clicking the photograph will bring the reader to the article). The horizontal navigation bar enables the visitor to comprehend the site offerings at a glance.

Special sections include areas where Weekly Bulletins, Bible study materials, stewardship information and more can be downloaded. A contact form, parish directions (interactive through Google), calendar are included, as well as parish history, vision and mission statements and other elements necessary for building parish self-identity.

St. George Orthodox Church of Prescott website garnered immediate attention as soon as the site went live for both the attractiveness of the site and its ease of use. Traffic is growing consistently.