Online Giving

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LOGOS Web Services has entered into a partnership with Bluefin Payment Systems to offer you the best, easiest and most secure platform for online giving, donations and merchant services for online Ecommerce solutions. In moments, you’ll be taking orders, payments, donations or gifts!

Let’s face it, most people pay their bills online today; mortgage, utilities, cable, internet, insurance and more.

  • If you are a business, you need the accessibility of online payments to take orders easily and seamlessly from your own website.
  • If you are a ministry or church, you need the ease of online giving for your parishioners to increase the amount and consistency of giving without hassles. Most ministries see a 25% or more increase in less than six months.
  • If you are an author, blogger, or artist, you need to have a simple, easy to use system of taking orders quickly and effectively.

And no matter who you are, you need to not spend hours figuring and fixing your online payment service. That’s why we have partnered with Bluefin Payment Systems. Setting up this service is so much easier than you can imagine – take the next step to an easier and more profitable future TODAY.

LOGOS Web Services will provide you with the best, easiest, and least expensive solution for taking online donations and/or payments.  It’s quick, easy and secure.

We make it easy for you to do better.