Ministry: Online Matters

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Every ministry – whether a great historic Cathedral or a burgeoning mission – needs to be found.

We make it easy for you to be found, whether you are a ministry with 15 people or 500,000. We have several packages to fit any budget and many of our clients have remarked that up to 100% of their new visitors spent over half an hour going through their website before even darkening the door of the church. That’s a successful online presence. 

Our design for you will be visually pleasing, graphically rich (where appropriate), fast loading and easy to update and learn. Our sites are very flexible and you can add your own additional content and build up your own online ministry with ease. No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore – they go ONLINE. When they are looking for you, what will they find?

If it’s July, and your website still says “Merry Christmas,” “Happy New Year,” or “Christ is Risen” – it is also saying – “This website is dead, and so is this Church.

Our designs are often copied from, but never duplicated. Stop escaping detection.

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