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LOGOS Web Services is located in Naples, FL, and is managed by two widely recognized New Media pioneers: John A. Peck and Johannes L. Jacobse.

Few web service companies have this kind of experience at their disposal for their clients.


peck bnwJohn A. Peck is the lead designer, and has over 35 years of professional graphic design experience in print, broadcast and over 20 years interactive web media. He began designing websites back in 1995, when there were only a few hundred or thousand in the whole world. His web designs pepper the internet today. He has designed websites for organizations as varied as colleges, schools, non-profits, medical clinics, large churches, mission parishes,  and business start ups. He has a keen understanding of what works on the web, and why it works.You may know some of his award-winning work, such as the websites Journey To Orthodoxy, Preachers Institute, and Good Guys Wear Black.

From the beginning he has understood the value, and power, of new media. He created the very first Orthodox Christian seminary website in the world, and founded and directed the first 24 hour Orthodox Christian internet radio network.

Fr. Hans Jacobse

Hans Jacobse is the creator of the award winning site, Orthodoxytoday.org, which is one of the top 1000 Christian websites on the internet (no small feat).

He is an expert and recognized authority on the impact of ideology and narrative on culture. He also runs the American Orthodox Institute website, which is a research and educational organization that engages the cultural issues of the day within the Orthodox Christian tradition. His editorials and essays have been published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Duluth News Tribune, International Herald Tribune, Hellenic Voice, Charles Colson’s Breakpoint website, Front Page Magazine website, Institute for Religion and Democracy website, Discover website, and more. His podcasts can be heard on Ancient Faith Radio.




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