Who is Managing Your Website?

Managing your site updates

Is your site completely updated? Is it secure? 

For most LOGOS clients, the answer to this is a resounding: NO!

Why is that? It’s simple really – the website gets ‘added to’ but whoever is in charge of uploading additions has a multitude of other tasks, and just doesn’t have the time to check and update plugins, themes, frameworks, and more. Sound familiar?  

The problem is, these updates are usually critical security patches. That is, they keep your site from the hackers who love to cause mischief, and make your site wonky, if they don’t crash it completely.

Also, an updated site runs smoother, faster, with no glitches.

LOGOS can do this for you, and we do! Many of you reach out to us to make minor adjustments, fixes, and more, especially when things go south and you need that site up. Stop worrying about the next time your site gets hacked, slows down inexplicably, or the next time you just need a little help. Make it easier on your staff, too. They have a lot to keep track of as it is. Take this off their plate.

We can manage your website, and keep it completely up-to-date on all patches and updates eash moth for you. Our normal fee for this is $100/month, but for previous clients (as many of you know because you’ve asked), we are only charging $50/month. This is a special offer for you, our previous and existing clients.

Sorry, but this offer has expired.