The Mystery and Value of Regular, Fresh Content

mystery and value of regular, fresh content

On regular, fresh content by Fr. John A. Peck

Having 20 years, and then some, of experience designing websites gives one a broader and, I hope, deeper understanding of how the web works. By ‘works’ I mean, how it works for you, the website/business owner/ministry leader. Putting aside design arguments (yes, white space isn’t just space, it is a design element, etc), everyone seems to agree that ‘fresh content’ is good, but don’t really take it much beyond that. Sure, it is good for SEO (search engine optimization) and ‘Google rank’, but as a ministry site, that is the tiniest part of what your content does for you. I’d like to offer a few ponderables for your consideration on why it is so important.

The purpose of having a website is to stop escaping detection – to be seen, to be found by those looking, regardless of what they are looking for.

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Getting found by those not looking for you – nothing brings an unusual variety of visitors to your site like regular, consistently published articles on a variety of topics. Sure, as a ministry or church you may think that you are primarly posting ‘religious’ things, but if you are thinking like that, you don’t even see the real value of your website. For example, during Lent we are, as Christians, fasting. Fasting itself is both a religious, spiritual practice, but also one recommended by

  • alternative medicine practicioners,
  • juicing and health food afficiandos,
  • exercise buffs, and
  • medical personnel.

There are many different methods of fasting and abstinence, and they all have multiple health and spiritual benefits, not to mention how different regional cuisines offer different dietary options for fasting – that’s the whole culinary crowd! Sure you want to be found by those seeking you out, but sometimes they don’t even know that they are looking for YOU. Don’t be hard to find. Publish regularly on a wide variety of topics, and don’t spare the details.

Recurring Trends and Seasonal options – It’s very commonly known that folks trend in certain patters. For example, after many years of observation, I can tell you that without a doubt Tuesdays are the biggest days on my own blogs (Preachers Institute, Journey to Orthodoxy). Churches take in the most in gifts and offerings during the month of December; that certainly seems to be a good time to offer visitors a vision of your mission, and encourage them to do what they want to do already – give generously to a good cause. You can take advantage of these trends and actually help prospective visitors and readers by (shocker) giving them what they are looking for. During early July, articles on the Biblical theme of Liberty is worth writing about. Human history is filled with the record of events which took place on certain dates. Edify your readers, and you will find them returning for more on a regular basis. Just make sure it is not a one-off, and that your site is more than just a one-hit wonder.

Communication means Connection – when visitors begin to frequent your site, you can communicate with them on an almost personal basis. They have come to read what you publish. You can talk to them as if they are the only readers. In other words, you can connect with them seamlessly, without awkwardness, and still allow them the anonymity which brings them comfort. You are a safe source, in other words, and when you become a safe source that they have already on some level connected with, it is far easier for them to show up in person and meet you face to face.

This is no phenomenon, although some clergy act as if it is some surprising miracle that will never be repeated (this is another reason why I believe every sermon should be recorded, transcripted, and published on your site, but that we can discuss another day). The internet isn’t just posting letters – it’s a communication session, so communicate clearly, concisely, and consistently for that precious connection with souls seeking comfort.

But, you might argue, who has time? Doesn’t this just add another time consuming thing to my already busy schedule? 

Yes it does, but like everything, there are many ways to get it done. Take lunch as an example. Making a sandwich is simple enough – two slices of bread, with just about anything else you can eat in between. So simple, even a child can do it. And yet fast food drive thrus exist by the multitude? Why? Because lunch is worth having, and the time saved is worth the convenience of having someone else do it.

This is where LOGOS comes in. Consider us the fast food drive thru of your website content.

LOGOS takes the mystery out of publishing good information for your readers. For more than 20 years – over two solid decades – we have been doing precisely this. Many have contacted me over the years asking for permission to reprint an article from my little parish website in Prescott, Arizona. That website posted new articles several times a week normally, and had a vast readership giving it a much larger footprint in cyberspace than the little mission would seem to indicate. Our articles are 500-750 words on average, and ideally written for search engine optimization. Content creation provides new assets that contribute to the growth of your parish, and the expansion of your mission.

LOGOS offers an article subscription service – yes, we do – where we send you an article for your church website on the following schedule.

$10/month – one fresh article per month 

$15/month – two articles per month (one article every other week basically)

$25/month – one article per week

$40/month – two articles per week

For an extra $20/month we will add them to your own site – that is, publish them on your site for you. 

Also, for those of our clients who are not so regular on updating there sites, we offer website maintenance to automatically update your platform, themes, and plugins. For you, no muss, no fuss, and no falling behind on updates, thus keeping your site safe and secure.

You will soon wonder how you got along without it. 

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The Mystery and Value of Regular, Fresh Content