Does Having A Website Still Matter?

This is a common question, and the answer is universally known to be a resounding ‘yes’!

There are apps. there is social media of many flavors, but the website is the one thing which forms the foundation of your outreach and online presence. Why is this?

1 – The Website is the clearest expression and incarnation of your ‘brand’

Branding matters, and the saying goes in market branding ‘differentiate or die’. Whether you are a small business, an internet marketing company, a small church or ministry, or even a drop-shipper, your website is the most tangible, most available, and most accessible venue for customers and the world to ‘see’ you. If your site is clean, sharp, graphically rich, and up-to-date then they know things are happening and business is good (itself a sign!). If your site is old, not easy to navigate, not mobile responsive, filled with ‘fluff’ information, or just ugly, then the impression given is like that of a back alley shingle, weather-worn and faded. Does anyone work here? Is this business still open?

Some folks like to use their Facebook page as their ‘official website’.  It’s rather like having a cart in a parking lot – easy, public access where a lot of people are coming and going. Great for traffic, if you can get noticed, but what do they notice? That you spent zero dollars on the most important marketing feature of any business? What do you think that says to your prospective buyer? 

2 – Social media benefits are ephemeral and shaky at best

Despite all the hype about social media and its massive potential for business, the truth about social media – the dirty little secret – is that it produces real business sporadically, and inconsistently. It is a shaky foundation for a marketing strategy, and even worse for consistently engaging real clients. Yes, one must be seen there, and when seen, give a good impression every time. However, depending on massive social media campaigns is a waste of money in every circumstance.

With social media networks, you are constantly competing with material that may have no contextual relationship to your brand or your product. That is, you never know when the sponsored or recommended links will be of a TED talk, a meme, or a cat video. The viewers will associate you with what’s around you, that’s a fact. On your website, you determine what you’ve associated your brand with.

In our experience, the most profitable thing to do on social media is drive viewers to (you guessed it) your website, where you can engage them on your internet turf, and guide them to interaction with you and your products or services.

3 – Content is still KING

On your website, none of your content competes side-by-side with others for your visitor’s attention. Create compelling and rich content tells someone is visiting your site whether or not you have value, and you stand a higher chance of that person taking action to get your products or services. Plus, your supply of information is virtually unlimited on a site under your control, you have ample opportunity to add calls-to-action in the format you deem most effective!

4 – Search Engine Domination

If topping the Search Engine charts is your goal, then having a website is a must! Search Engine Optimization is essential to many sales and marketing tactics for any brand, and this includes ministries. Websites provide you with the strategic opportunity to attract your target demographic through key words and phrases when managed properly. While becoming #1 on search engines doesn’t happen overnight (repeat – it doesn’t happen overnight), a website is a dynamic and powerful catalyst to getting the process started, and moving quickly with momentum.

5 – What else?

We haven’t even touched on 

  • Intravenous marketing for subscribers
  • Special offers to subscribers only
  • Virtual shopping and custom ordering through e-commerce
  • Virtual scheduling
  • Customer feedback/testimonials 
  • E-blogs
  • Virtual communities
  • Video engagement

and so much more!

spinalYes, websites still matter. In fact, they actually matter more now than ever.

Even if you have a full social media presence, an app for your business or service, and a hot new logo for branding, you still need a website to anchor them all together, like skeleton of your brand – the spinal column of your business marketing. Without that, it pretty much just sits in a pile, individually squirming while trying impossibly to stand up and be seen.

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