Much Ado About Mobile


Mobilegeddon has come and gone, but necessity for mobile responsiveness remains.

Did you know that most people who visit your website will see in on their cellphone? We did, years ago.

So the sky isn’t falling and websites which are not mobile responsive have not crashed. Yes, Google is punishing websites without responsiveness in their search engine rankings, but all in all, it was an overblown catastrophe.

Except here at LOGOS. Our sites have been mobile responsive from the beginning, and we were the first to get churches to move to mobile responsive sites for their outreach. We realized the importance of online presence years before most churches had a website, and we foresaw the necessity for mobile responsive sites and platforms for ministry early on. Our designs are graphically rich, fast-loading, intuitively navigable and just fun to visit. 

Whether your site is mobile responsive now or not, get one that dazzles on any device. Go with the leaders and pioneers of internet outreach for faith based organizations.

Get a good look. 

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