Students + Smart Phones + Your Old Website = ?

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Dear Logos Web Services,

Our parish just started working at the local college with the Christian Fellowship. We have a small but active group on campus, and we’d like to encourage them to come to our services, even if we aren’t the closest to the campus. Our website is pretty good, but I wonder if there’s something we can do to be sure that the students find us and like the site.

All of them have smart phones – what should we do to make sure our site works? (Ok, I’m guilty – it’s my kid going to college there now)

College Mom

 Dear College Mom,

We know how important communication is for students and those trying to serve them, especially moms and dads.

These days, it is essential – absolutely essential – that your site be what is called mobile responsive. That means, that even on the smallest screen the site reorganizes itself to work well, rather than just show up as a tiny version of what you see on your computer screen (which makes it unreadable at best, and useless at worst).

If your site is ‘pretty good’, it’s not great and you may have a site which ‘isn’t bad’ but doesn’t do what you need it to – which is connect with students! You only get one first time to make a good, memorable impression. Make it easy for your students to connect with you.  

You may only get one chance to connect with them. Make it count.

LOGOS was one of the pioneers in designing mobile responsive websites, tested in multiple browsers and on multiple devices (iPhones, smart phones, iPads and tablets). 

Schools are starting. If you have any doubt, contact us today. LOGOS will make sure that your students never miss an event, service or announcement, even if they never use anything but their phones. At LOGOS, we are the pioneers in online website development and outreach. Our designs pepper the internet. If you found this site, it is because you found some of our work.

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