Our 10 Year Old Site Looks Fine to Me

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Dear Logos Web Services,

When a member of our church said we need to update our church website, as council president, I know I should do something, but I don’t know what. We have a web site with our church name and it’s been up for almost ten years. It has a nice picture of our church and our old priest, who retired last year.

What should we do to update our website? Do we really need to do anything? It looks fine to me.

Council President

 Thanks for writing. Sounds like you need to breathe some life into your website, and you’re asking because you know it already. If your site isn’t up to date, for all the visitor knows – you’re effectively closed. It is like forgetting to unlock the Church doors on Sunday, and at least that important.

I took over a parish once that had a website. It was dated a bit, so I asked if it could be updated. The response frankly surprised me.

We never get visitors and no one ever contacts us from the website. What’s the point?

When I pulled up the website for inspection, I pointed out that it had

  • the wrong times for services,
  • the wrong address
  • the wrong phone number
  • the wrong email address, and
  • the wrong contact person

In other words, it was NOT a website FOR the parish. It was a website for a parish which no longer existed. It might as well have said

“Colonial Virginia wishes you a Merry Christmas!”

Even if someone wanted to visit, call or write, they could not do it.

No one is going to take your community seriously today unless you take your website and online presence seriously Today, before anything else, folks try to find out about you by going to your website, usually on their smart phone. This means, you need

  • to commitment to this important outreach;
  • a site that is up to date, and easy to update;
  • a site that is optimized for mobile devices,
  • a site that represents your church as it is right now, not as it was 10 years ago;
  • finally, you need the site ready before significant events that drive traffic, such as the beginning of school, important feasts, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, etc.

My old parish decided to do something about it, and within 6 months we not only had regular visitors, but in taking a short survey discovered that 100% of them had spent more than 30 minutes on the site before writing, making a call or coming to visit. In other words, everyone looked there first, and took the time for a good, in depth look.

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