A Letter from a New Church Webmaster


Dear Logos Web Services,

I just took over my church’s web site. The previous webmaster got us a free site and designed it himself. Now that he’s given it up, I have a lot to learn. When I use Google to find my church website, it doesn’t come up on the list until page three! Is it because we have a free site, so weebly.com is part of the address? Should we buy our own domain name?

Thanks for your help,
New Church Webmaster

Dear New Church Webmaster,

Through no fault of your own, you have inherited a mess. 

First, yes, you should get a new domain name. What kind? I could go into all kind of examples of what NOT to do, but let’s cut to the chase.


This should be your first choice. Why? There are many reasons, but here are a few;

1. it contains the two most basic words of any internet search – your home town name and orthodox – right in the domain. That’s a third of your work done for you right there.

2. It is easy to remember. Much easier than most other choices. (Which St. George church domain name are we again? Is ‘saint’ spelled out?)

3. Once you have it, you’ll be much easier to find and much more likely to have return traffic and it will only grow over time, like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill. 

Other amalgams of it (orthodoxyourhometown, .com, .net., .us are all second choices but good)

It is much easier to build good SEO with a site you can add good features to and let’s face it, free websites aren’t it. For a complete Website Rescue, go HERE.

In almost no time, we’ll have your site working the way you need it to.