“Christ is Risen, but this Website is Dead”

Flatline Mon

That’s what a lot of websites say after Easter every year. The Paschal greeting remains up, often until Christmas, New Years, and sometimes for many years. Though a terrible embarrassment, it lingers month after month, like a rotting corpse, repelling every visitor who gets near it. Does that seem like a harsh?

Let’s ask a few other questions:

  • Will your website just go on life support after Easter, lingering until the start of the fall programs or Sunday school?
  • Have you seen your website? Is it pleasant to look at? Is there anything worth coming back for if I’m not a member of your Church?
  • Are there ANY plans to catapult your online presence with a new breath of resurrectional vitality?
  • Will your website offer significant content for late spring, early summer?

The web is awash with dead church and ministry websites – lack of attention to them tells visitors AND parishioners that someone is not paying attention.

Don’t be one of them. Show your community to be a vibrant, dynamic family of faith with a web presence that matches and magnifies your mission.

Contact LOGOS today and get your mission moving tomorrow.

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