Perception Is Reality, Isn’t It?

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It is not always easy to tell the truth of things, how they really are. Certainly there are authorities whom we can refer to in some instances, but often, and especially in business, we have to rely on our own judgment and perceptions. Right or wrong, it’s the best chance we have.

That is precisely how your future customers think. When they arrive at a link for your website, or see some reference to your domain, in their mind’s eye they are looking at you for the first time.

A lot of people have a great fear of public speaking. Statistically people fear public speaking more than they fear death, but it is easy to overcome. Teachers of communication, preaching or just public speaking often remind the speaker that they are there for the audience. They aren’t there to perform, but to provide – delight, information, entertainment.

And so it is with your website – the first ‘face’ you’ll ever have to most of your customers.

Impressions matter in public speaking. Is the speaker, well, clean? Groomed? Serious about his or her appearance enough to make us comfortable with them personally?

Impressions matter online even more. Is your face clean? Are things where they belong? Are you serious about your appearance enough to make me comfortable with your business at a glance?

That’s a lot to take on, but it is necessary for every business that does anything online. Put on your best shoes. Someone is looking to see if they are polished.

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